A Few Words About Me

BS/MS Student | Software Developer | Drexel Society of Artificial Intelligence Founder & President

I am a BS/MS student at Drexel University, Philadelphia. During my accelerated program, I am pursuing my Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering & Computer Engineering and my Master of Science in Computer Science. I am passionate about using web technologies with artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable people do great things.

My favorite class that I took so far is Graduate Level Data Structures & Algorithms (CS521)

My favorite class that I became a Teaching Assistant for is Gradute Level Artificial Intelligence (CS510)


  • National Physics Olympiad Silver Medal, Turkey, 2015 (Top 12 students in the country)
  • Drexel STAR Research Scholar, Undergraduate Research Leader 2017
  • Drexel Global Scholar 2016
  • DAAD Rise Scholarship Recipient, 2018
  • Paul Peck Scholar, 2017
  • Dean's List, Drexel University, 2016, 2017, 2018


Here you can find my research that I have done so far.

Check out my Research

Perceptual Hashing as a Facial Image Filter

  • Used Gaussian Blurring as a defense against adversarial attacks, which reported 3.6% increase in accuracy

Adversarial Attacks against Neural Networks in Audio Domain: Exploiting Principal Components

  • Crafted 27 CTC white-box, and PCA black-box attacks on DeepSpeech with 100% adversarial success
  • Presented research at Harvard Undergraduate Research Conference, 2020

Adversarial Attacks on Convolutional Neural Networks in Facial Recognition Domain

  • Performed 10,000+ non-targeted CW attacks to DNNs and reported an improvement of %44.3 on L2 defense
  • Presented at Stanford National Collegiate Research Conference, 2019

Improving Vanadium Batteries

  • Simulated 2D/3D power flow in MATLAB, presented at Harvard National Collegiate Research Conference, 2017
  • Scientific Publication, “Obstructed Flow Field Designs for Improved Power Density in Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries”, B. Akuzum, Yigit C. Alparslan, N. Robinson, E. Agar, E.C Kumbur, J. Applied Chemistry, 2019

Perfecting the Crime Machine

  • Designed several machine learning models to predict crime type given location and time on Drexel campus.
  • Presented the project to Drexel University Police Department to make recommendations.
  • Applied K-Means to create clusters and used gap statistics to find the optimal number of cluster.
  • Achieved a log loss of 2.43 for Random Forest when combined with unsupervised learning features such as distance of each crime point to a cluster center.

Smart IoT Devices to Monitor Grid Energy Consumption

  • Created a MongoDB NoSQL database to persist sensor data coming from a smart IoT device inside houses that monitors peak load and consumer power trends.
  • Worked on Ardunio WiFi module to make a POST request to a remote fileserver.
  • Created dashboards for the end user to visualize the sensor data by using SAP Analytics Cloud.


Some of the tools that I have worked with are below.


React.js is a framework which supports agile application development through the use of a reusable component based interface development methodology.


Git is a distributed version-control system for tracking changes in source code during software development. It is designed for coordinating work among programmers.

TensorFlow / TensorFlow.JS

Machine learning helps us create predictive models which enhance user experiences and increase user satisfaction with their touchpoints with your organization. TensorFlow is one of the most popular ML frameworks.


The SAP HANA database provides enhanced analytical capabilities through the provision of a compressed, in-memory, columnar database.


SAPUI5 is an application development framework which incorporates HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript in a code-once cross-platform and feature rich environment.


This in-database application server provides machine-level access to the in-memory analytical capabilites of the SAP HANA database.

SAP Analytics Cloud / SAP Cloud Platform

The SAC provides business datawarhousing in the cloud and SCP is SAP's Platform-as-a-Service solution run on HANA.


This framework is Python's backend framework using Model View Controller approach.


Heroku is a Cloud Platform to deploy and host web apps.


This tool is used to bundle, package, split, hash and minimiize JavaScript files in the browser.

Express.js / Node.js

This is a tool on top Node.js to give a full server side experience to JavaScript.


This is a NoSQL database with its cloud hosted management server.


Redis is in-memory data structure store, used as a database, cache and message broker. I have paired it with PostgreSQL.

Programming Languages

Some of the languages that I have worked with are below.

  • HTML (Advanced)
  • CSS (Advanced)
  • JavaScript (Advanced)
  • Python (Advanced)
  • C (Intermediate)
  • MySQL (Intermediate)
  • MATLAB (Advanced)

    • Drexel Society of Artificial Intelligence - Founder & President – Promote AI research and mentor members
    • Organized nation's first student-run AI Research Conference titled "Drexel Society of Articial Intelligence AI Research Conference" - Led the conference organization committee
    • DragonHacks (Drexel's very own 24-hour Hackathon) - Committee Member
    • Resident Assistant - Organize educational programs to enforce healthy community on residence halls
    • Teaching Assistant - Teach 25+ students in lab for introductory CS classes in Python
    • Event Coordinator, French Club Peer-Mentorship Program - Awarded “Campus Awards” by the Embassy
    • Drexel STAR Research Scholar; Undergraduate Research Leader; DAAD-Rise Germany Scholar 2017; Secretary, EWB


    Numbers don't capture who the person truly is. However, one's passion, and inner motivation to improve's oneself can give a little glimpse of personality.


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    My Portfolio

    Please check my GitHub Profile to see the source code of some projects.

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    • App
    • Web

    ChatBot for Students

    Used Google DialogFlow to create a Slack ChatBot for International student visa questions.

    Block Chain Implementation

    A Simple Block Chain Simulator that runs on browser with coin mining, block creation, and verification support.

    Personalized AI Hub

    Developed Full stack app with Django, React, MySQL and Docker to create a Churn Rate Predictor.


    Social Inventory management PWA written in React and deployed to FireBase. Won SAP Innovation Hackathon 2019.

    PageRank in Hadoop

    Implement Google's Search Engine algorithm, PageRank in Hadoop Distributed File System Storage

    Drexel AI Website

    Used React.js to implement a static single page web app deployed to Netlify.

    Food Image Classifier

    Reimplemented the classifier and mentored Drexel AI members about the source code of this image classifier.

    Intern Dashboard

    UI5 and SAP HANA Database to help early talents at SAP. Mainly did product support and bug fixes.


    Used UI5 and SAP Conversational AI to create a ChatBot deployed to SAP Cloud Platform.

    Job Portal

    Used React for front-end, Node-Express API for back-end, Redis for storage and Cron Worker for Recurrent Fetching.


    Anonymous Chat Platform to Manage Workforce’s Work Life Balance and Promote Mental Well-being.

    Drexel Crime Prediction

    Used Python to build predictive machine learning models, study crime hotspots and prediction on Drexel campus.

    SAP Webchat & AI

    I contribute to SAP Conversational AI Webchat open source Github repo.

    Paymoo (A Venmo Clone)

    I simulated users, added password encryption, automatic Avatar URL and uuid keys generation to a Venmo-like app.

    RapidSign (A DocuSign Clone)

    RapidSign is a PDF sharing and a signing platform similar to DocuSign.


    TeamGogoEmail is an unlimited and free API to handle serverless HTML form submissions.

    Sharktail Server

    Sharktail allows you to stream your terminal to web page. Its client is deployed as NPM package.


    Created a Personal Brand Management App that shortens URLs and tracks usage analytics.

    Wall Jump Game

    Simple browser game in HTML5 deployed to GitHub pages and Google Play Store.

    Climb Blocks Game

    Popular game "Climb Blocks" died in 2020 when Flash got deprecated. I migrated this popular game to HTML5 on GitHub pages.

    Drive Up

    A mobile app that alerts drowsy drivers when they start to doze off at wheel published to Google Play Store.


    Developed a full stack web app that tells you nearby restaurants with food deals.


    Anonymous Non-Emergency Peer Support Network to Help People with their Mental Well-being.


    Social Self-improvement app to spend points with friends written in Ionic. 2nd place at SAP Innovation Hackathon 2020.

    Medioo: Web App

    A web app that allows users to log, filter, visualize and track blood pressure data published as a web app.

    Medioo: Android App

    A mobile app that allows users to log, filter, visualize and track blood pressure data published to Google Play Store.

    StreamPal: Web App

    A web app that allows users to swipe on movies until they find a match published as a web app.

    StreamPal: Android App

    A mobile app that allows users to swipe on movies until they find a match published to Google Play Store.

    HairLight: Android App

    A mobile app (Java) that changes hair color in real-time published to Google Play Store.

    FileChurn: Web App

    A web app that allows users to upload large files and easily share them via links.

    apk2aab: Web App

    A web app that allows users to convert Android apk files to aab files.

    Slide Puzzle: Web App

    My web app submission to Flutter Puzzle Hack 2021.

    Slide Puzzle: Android App

    My Android app submission to Flutter Puzzle Hack 2021.


    An Online Real-time Pair Programming and Code Collaboration Platform.

    Crypto Squirrels

    Crypto Squirrels is a coding club to prepare members for big tech interviews and uses NFTs to verify members.


    AnchorPages is a Chrome extension to place "anchors" on a page, save and manage them to read later.

    daglarizcilik.com Website

    daglarizcilik.com is a store front e-commerce website to sell Scouts and other outdoor sports related products.

    Open Source Projects

    I ❤️ open source.

    React-Feedback Component

    React-Feedback-Popup is a blazingly fast and highly customizable component to get user feedback.

    React-Made-By Component

    React-Made-By is a customizable component to display author name, image and slogan: "Made with ☕ by Yigit".

    Sharktail CLI (NPM Package)

    Sharktail allows you to stream your terminal to web page. I created an NPM package as a cli client. The server is here.

    Deepextract Python Package

    A Python package to parse JSON, YAML files and extract deeply nested keys.

    Talks About AI/ML

    Some videos where I was asked to talk about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning research.

    Drexel AI/ML Reading Group

    As part of Drexel AI/ML Weekly Reading Group, I talk about one of the most cited papers of 2018: Attention is All You Need.

    Editing for a Peer-Review Journal

    I have taken an initititive and created a simplified research e-journal called SimpleX. I have seen so many students doing research as class projects, side-projects and not talk about it. I wanted to create a platform where they can publish a simplified version of their research and make it available to public interest. It is called SimpleX because we aim to make the unknown simple to understand. If you want to publish, send a 3-4 page simplified version of your research to publishsimplex@gmail.com


    SimpleX is an research e-journal to make the unknown simple to understand. It is a platform to exchange big ideas about science, culture and people. We are looking for writers and editors. We are looking for 3-4 page write-ups of your research to be published with us. If you would like to contribute, you can also send an email!

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